Moms: Let’s Start Telling the Truth

I became a mom four months ago and it rocked my world in every way possible. I remember sitting in the hospital bed holding this tiny newborn and thinking, who was crazy enough to give me a baby? I couldn’t believe the hospital actually let my husband and I take our child out of the building (especially after we had to ask a nurse to show us how to strap our child into his car seat).

In the last four months, I’ve had the most incredible highs and the lowest lows. I’ve fluctuated between laughing one minute and crying hysterically the next. My body has become adjusted to fragmented sleep. My brain has turned to mush. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking I hear my baby crying (is it just me?)

I am a mother.

As a new mom, one thing has become very clear: mothers are not always telling the truth.

This is very apparent in social media – especially on Facebook. You’ve probably seen the statuses. Little Timmy slept ten hours straight last night! Little Susie started walking at 8 months! Little Jimmy latches perfectly, breastfeeds for two minutes and then he’s satisfied!

 Don’t get me wrong. Some parents are blessed with kids who sleep like champs (I’m not one of them – more on that here). Some parents have children who hit every milestone earlier than the rest. But then there are those who exaggerate every aspect of their child’s life, making the rest of us feel like complete and utter failures.

Let’s get real. Parenting is hard. Really freaking hard. It’s hard no matter what type of child you have. Why? Because you’re responsible for another human and you’re afraid to mess it up. Parenting is an ambiguous job– each day brings new challenges.

I’ve spent countless hours questioning my abilities as a mom. In many cases, it’s a result of comparing myself to other moms. Moms who may not be telling the whole story about the struggles they’re facing. Since when have we become scared to portray the true challenges of parenthood? When did it become normal for moms to pressure moms to be perfect?

That’s why I’ve started this blog. By sharing my journey, I hope to encourage other mothers who may be facing similar issues. I hope a mom reading this blog might be inspired to share her story with another mother, and so on and so on.

It’s time to change course. Let’s shine a light on what we’re facing and instead of bragging to one another, help one another (gasp). The best support a mother can receive is from a fellow mom who’s walked in her shoes. No one gets an award for being a martyr. It’s okay perfectly normal to feel like a bad mom. To feel completely overwhelmed and helpless. To question whether you’re really cut out for this whole parenting thing. To be uncertain.

Let’s give each other permission to be flawed. Knowing that tomorrow morning we’re going to wake up and do the best job we can do for our family – even if we make some mistakes along the way (which we will).

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Have you ever felt alone in your parenting journey? Why did you feel that way and how did you overcome it?

To follow my journey as a new mom, check me out on snapchat (username: michellelvroom)!


2 thoughts on “Moms: Let’s Start Telling the Truth

  1. Motherhood can be very lonely. And boring. BUT when you finally find some other moms who get it and can commiserate, motherhood can also bind you to other women. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts, Michelle!


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