Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart.

My second son was born on June 20. I thought one was hard and now I’m thrust into parenthood of two. I spend most of my days putting out fires and running from one child to the next. It’s chaotic, but I love it.

I remember the first night we brought my oldest son home. He cried the entire time and I remember thinking, what did I get myself into? I felt this sense of loss, sadness and even darkness. Things went on like that for awhile and I kept thinking something was wrong with me. Shouldn’t I be feeling overjoyed and happy? Wasn’t that what other mothers felt? Why was I feeling so sad?

That’s why I started this blog. To shed light on what moms really experience after the birth of their child. To assure that you it’s completely normal to feel those emotions. We often act like moms should be nothing but happy and fulfilled – when in reality, that perspective alienates moms who aren’t feeling that way. Parenthood isn’t black and white. It’s messy, yucky, and incredibly complex. So let’s stop acting like we have to be perfect and be real about the struggles we’re going through. Let’s allow ourselves to be imperfect. Who’s with me?!


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